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Woman charged with bringing drugs into jail twice
Summers w sm.JPG
A 39-year-old local woman has been charged with introduction of drugs into a penal institution after authorities allegedly caught her attempting to smuggle drugs into the jail.Lisa Lue Summers was also issued four citations relating to the incident.The sheriff’s department cited her three times for simple possession of a Schedule IV controlled substance and once for simple possession of a Schedule III drug.According to Sheriff Patrick Ray, while Summers was visiting an inmate on Dec. 1, she taped a plastic bag containing five Hydrocodone pills, seven-and-a-half Valium pills and half an Oxycodone pill under a seat in the visitation area at the jail. Summers reportedly left the jail, and deputies arrested her later that day on the charges.Ray said that when she was brought back to the jail, unmarked pill bottles containing four oval pills thought to be Hydrocodone, seven round yellow pills believed to be Valium, one-and-a half white bar-shaped pills believed to be Xanax, one-and-a-half blue-and-white oval pills believed to be Phentermine were found in her possession.Her bond is set at $5,000, and she will be in court on Dec. 13Meanwhile, 28-year-old Daniel Ray was charged with escape on Thanksgiving Day after being on the lam since Nov. 5. Sheriff Ray said that Wilson, who was incarcerated for burglary, was transported to the DeKalb County Health Department for a drug court physical.Wilson had been given a furlough by Judge Bratten Cook II to obtain the physical, and was reportedly in the custody of drug court officer John Quintero when he simply walked away from the health department and escaped custody.A search of the area was conducted but Wilson could not be found.He was located and taken back into custody on Nov. 22.Wilson’s bond has been set at $5,000.