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Woman cited for taking gay flag


According to city police, Rita Gail Houk, 52, was cited for vandalism and theft on July 23. Houk is charged with taking property from a business without the owner's permission and damaging another item in the process.


Houk contacted the Review Monday, saying that she would like it known that the item she took was a gay (rainbow) flag being displayed outside the business. She said she was offended by the banner, and that she felt that it promoted homosexuality and child molestation.


She will appear in court on Aug. 27.


On July 22 Detective Brandon Donnell arrested Dra Dewayne Watkins, 22, and Garrett Buckmaster, 25, on three charges of burglary and two charges of theft each, as well as a charge of unlawful possession of a weapon for Garrett.


Lieutenant Matt Holmes, Detective Donnell and Officer Lance Dillard had reportedly been investigating a recent rash of car burglaries in which several vehicles were damaged and items were missing. The items were allegedly recovered at the residence where Watkins and Buckmaster reside.


Bond for Watkins was set at $27,500, and Buckmaster’s is $65,000 Both will appear in court on Aug. 6.


Janice Lynn Johnson, 50, was arrested on July 10 for DUI, and cited for implied consent.


Officer Lance Dillard reportedly responded to Taco Bell in reference to a possible drunk driver sitting in the drive through. Upon making contact with Johnson she appeared to be unsteady on her feet and had slurred speech. She was asked and gave consent to perform sobriety tasks, which she performed poorly.


Her bond was set at $1500.00, and she will appear in court on Aug. 6.


On July 17 Officer Andy Snow arrested Marina G. Skinner of Dixon Springs, 43, for public intoxication. Police said the officer responded to a fight in progress, and upon arrival made contact with Skinner, who was sitting outside in a chair. She was reportedly being belligerent, unreasonable and uncooperative, was unsteady on her feet, and had an odor of alcohol on her person. Skinner was allegedly being a nuisance to other people in the neighborhood and was arrested for public intoxication.


Her bond was set at $1500, and she will appear in court on Aug. 6.


John T. Mason, 20, was arrested for domestic assault on July 18. Officer Will Judkins and Sergeant Brad Tatrow were dispatched to the area of Jackson Street for a fight in progress. The officers allegedly witnessed Mason hitting a female subject several times in the face with his fist. Mason was given orders to stop, and when it appeared he was going to flee on foot Tatrow apprehended him using a taser due to volatility of the fight.


His bond was set at $2500.00, and he will appear in court on Aug. 13.