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Woman kidnapped at knife point
Assailant still at large after wrecking vehicle
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An unknown assailant, still on the loose in the Silver Point area at press time, allegedly kidnapped a Putnam County woman from her garden Tuesday and attempted to force her to drive him to an unspecified location.Lisa Mackie of Silver Point told the Review shortly after the incident that the man approached her with a knife while she was working in her garden, told her that he had run out of gas, and forced her into her vehicle, telling her to drive or he would kill her.The victim said that after the man forced her to drive to a nearby convenience store, she asked to be released, and the kidnapper told her to “Keep driving or I will kill you.”Mackie says that she then opened the driver’s door of the vehicle and attempted to escape, and the alleged perpetrator pushed her violently from the truck and attempted to run her over, causing the victim to suffer minor head injuries, as well as significant bruising and scratches.According to the victim, the unidentified assailant then fled the scene, first going north toward the interstate, then turning back south toward DeKalb County.The alleged kidnapper apparently drove the stolen truck into DeKalb, where he attempted to turn into a side road at an excessive rate of speed, lost control of the vehicle and flipped it onto its side in the ditch.The man then reportedly fled into a nearby wooded area, where authorities were still searching for him at press time. He was described as in his thirties, bald, and was last seen wearing a yellow shirt and denim shorts.