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Workshop set to discuss water contract
DUD officials welcome to come
tim stribling w sm
The ten-year water contract between the City of Smithville and DeKalb Utility District (DUD) will expire at the end of the year, and an agreement on the price the city will charge the DUD for water has not yet been reached.Plans for a new DUD water treatment plant are still in the making, but have been put on hold because of a legal challenge by the city and DUD ratepayers filed in Davidson County Chancery Court.Officials believe that even if the way is cleared for the DUD to build, a water contract with the city will still be needed, at least until the plant is finished.The city currently charges the DUD $2.05 per 1,000 gallons. The terms of current contract dictate that the rate increases five cents per year. A recent study by Warren and Associates, paid for by the city, concluded that the cost of producing 1,000 gallons of water is $2.67 per 1,000 gallons.At Monday night’s regular meeting of the city council, Alderman Tim Stribling called for a workshop to reach some decision on what to charge the DUD for water.“The DUD contract, as we all know, expires on Dec. 31, and I would like for this board to set up a workshop so we can discuss some things concerning the contract,” Stribling told the board.“We can get some numbers together and try to get the ball rolling,” said city Secretary-Treasurer Hunter Hendrixson.