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Students work with NHC residents
Inventions make life easier for residents

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Forging intergenerational bonds while solving problems, students from DeKalb High School used their inventiveness to provide residents of NHC Smithville with items to make their lives easier – the unveiling of their inventions coming this past week as they reunited with their adopted residents.

The idea came from a meeting in the fall for high school students to partner with NHC residents. From there, students met with residents to see what they needed to help them in their everyday lives. The students visited on four occasions, the last time to present their inventions.

Clint Hall with NHC said it was a win-win situation, giving students a chance to interact with the older generation while helping residents at NHC. “The partnership has truly blossomed,” he said. “We look forward to continuing this relationship

Lloyd Tisdale was one of the NHC residents who benefited from the partnership. Lloyd does 115 pull ups and he is 93 years old. The challenge was to provide a better system for him to do his work out rather than swing from the rafters. That’s where the high school build team came up with a novel idea to build him a mobile workout station.

“We had to work out some of the issues with it,” said Noah Gill of the build team. “Once we did that, it came together pretty good.”

Tisdale said he plans to use the invention, which comes complete with wheels so he can take it with him, to keep in pumped up.

Michael Young said his involuntary hand movement caused by a stroke keeps him in pain. The invention of memory phone hand stabilizers is the perfect invention for him. “The pain keeps me up but with this, I may be able to get a little nap. The only time when the involuntariy movement stops is when I sleep. This will be a big help.”

Bailey Hibdon, who was on the build team that provided the invention said they had fun working with Mr. Young. “He is a great man to come talk to. When we first got in here we found out him liked Big Bang Theory and thin mints so we brought him some thin mints and got started on the design,” she said, noting they used 3D printers to make the design. “Then we used a sewing machine and Velcro and they worked together perfect.

Beverly Cripps said she will get a lot of use out of her mobile bedside phone charger and electronics center to allow her to keep her phone charged while she is in bed. “I’m really tickled and will get a lot of use out of it,” she said. “I really appreciate it. They are really good students. I love them.”

“It was really fun to build,” said Garrett Driver from the build team. “We just had to work the kinks out.

Beth Pittman said she reads a lot so the invention of a personalized iPad holder will be perfect. “They are the best kids ever – ever,” she said.

Bobbie Ervin was given a modified pick up tool. “You can drop things on the floor and pick it up. I couldn’t bend over and pick things up before so this will come in very handy,” she said.