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DeKalb West School Announces Students and Staff for November
West School
Image # 1256 – Pictured, front row left to right, are Case O’Conner, Jackson Petty, Benito Lopez, Rayleigh Randolph, and Madelyn Ford. Back row, left to right, are Principal Sabrina Farler, Noah Hall, Oliver Bell, Joseph Smebak, Dayton Heflin, Bryce Harvey, Alyssa Harvey, and Whitney Brelje.
DeKalb West
Image #1259 - Principal Sabrina Farler presents certificates to Staff of the Month Alyssa Harvey and Teacher of the Month Whitney Brelje.

DeKalb West School has announced the Students of the Month for November. Named to the honor were Case O’Conner, PreK, Jackson Petty, Kindergarten, Benito Lopez, 1st grade, Rayleigh Randolph, 2nd grade, Madelyn Ford, 3rd grade, Noah Hall, 4th grade, Oliver Bell, 5th grade, Bryce Harvey, 6th grade, Dayton Heflin, 7th grade, and Joseph Smebak, 8th grade. Students are selected based on academics, character, and other distinguishing characteristics.

Kindergarten teacher Whitney Brelje was selected as the Teacher of the Month for November and Educational Assistant Alyssa Harvey was chosen as the Staff Member of the Month.