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Class of 1965 holds 50 year reunion
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I have written before and now I am writing again to say Betty Byford is wonderful. Betty had told me she was going to make a home cooked meal and bring it to NHC. Betty surprised me on my birthday with a table full of more food than I have seen in a long time. Not only did she surprise me with the meal and birthday cake, she and her sister, Diane Evans, reserved a room and invited a few friends to join us. Ralph, June and Randy Vaughn also were part of the surprise.


My son, Ralph Vaughn, visited me after attending the 50th reunion for the 1965 class at DeKalb County High School. He said that 130 seniors graduated in 1965 and that a large number of those returned this year for the reunion. Over 30 of the classmates have passed away since graduation. Held at the First Baptist Church Life Enrichment Center in downtown, Carolyn Jennings Ogden was the coordinator with several volunteers helping put the program together. Carolyn and her husband, Dean, live in Cleveland, Tennessee.


Ralph said he enjoyed reminiscing with everyone, especially Mickey Driver who lives in Texas. Mickey’s great-grandmother on his mother’s side of the family and Ralph’s great-grandmother were sisters. Their maiden name was Jones.


James (Bobo) and Nell Driver raised a good group of boys who were always talented. I remember going to the Courthouse in Smithville on the 4th of July to hear the Driver family play music and sing.


Nell’s father, Henry Haas, was a Justice of the Peace back in 1918. He performed the wedding for Mama and Daddy. Falson Walls not only was their witness but allowed them to use his horse and buggy to drive to Mr. Haas’ house at Snow Hill. Then Mama and Daddy spent their honeymoon night with Falson and Esther.


My grandson, Randy Vaughn, and his daughter, Ellie, came to see me. We visited Clara Mae Hawkins and then sat in the main lobby at NHC. While Randy and I talked, Ellie showed some of her gymnastic moves; cartwheels and flips. Our family is proud of Ellie who will have a birthday in November.


Congratulations to Ethel Keith Ashford whose name was drawn on the WJLE birthday club. She received some beautiful flowers from DeKalb Florist for her 102 birthday.


I got a telephone call from Loretta Inglish of Nashville. She and husband, George, visited Phil George in St. Thomas Hospital. Phil had been in a lot of pain but was feeling better at the time of the visit.


Johnnie Ruth Hunt and Sue Cook spent a few days in Pigeon Forge and attended a Gospel Quartet singing Convention. There were 15 different groups that performed.


My sympathy and prayers go to the family of Ricky Devault during his recent passing. His family once lived in the New Home Community.


I appreciate my recent visitors: Jo Dean Redmon, Chuck and Earlene Olson, Geneva Taylor, Joann Pittman, Angie Meadows, Betty Byford, Faye Adkins, Douglas and Rebecca Ervin.